The biggest challenge I find with being an intentional mother is finding the time – or rather, taking the time – to slow down enough to really be in the moment with my children.

Too often, even when I’m actively participating with my girls, I find that my attention wanders and I become disengaged.
Usually this results in the kids becoming frustrated with my lack of attention and me becoming irritated by the constant pat on the arm and “mama, mama, mama” mantra chanted over and over.
If I’m honest with myself, I have to admit that if I actually gave them my time and attention in the first place they wouldn’t have to badger me to get me to answer their questions, address their fears, or recognize their accomplishments.

My goal for today is to really give them my time.
It doesn’t have to be humongous chunks of the day devoted just to playing, either.
Sometimes a quiet little chat or cuddle is enough.

It always amazes me how far a few minutes of time really devoted to a child can go towards their happiness.
And mine.