I’m running behind today so this will probably be short.
Actually, the truth is, I have a list I was following but I can’t find it at the moment. Between being out of town for a week and being sick I seem to have misplaced several things (you know, lists, papers, my mind…)

So today I decided to focus on an easy topic: physical touch. I realize the need greatly varies depending on the child, but kids universally need to be shown they’re loved and appreciated through touch each day.

Susannah isn’t much of a toucher. She never has been. From the first day we brought her home she preferred to be independent and was constantly pushing away so she could look around at her surroundings. I honestly don’t think she ever let me rock her to sleep.
Now that she’s older, her version of touch usually involves running and jumping on her victim (possibly rendering them unconscious), lots of tickling, and any form of gymnastics she can perform on humans.

Madeline, on the other hand, is the kind of kid who will just wrap her arms around your neck and will stay there until you’re forced to eventually peel her off. She craves hugs and insists on at least five kisses from daddy every night before bed.

Because my girls are so different in this aspect I have to frequently stop and evaluate whether I’ve given Susannah a hug or kiss on any given day. Madeline will simply crawl up on my lap and demand her hugs, but since Susannah rarely does I sometimes struggle to remember that she needs to be reminded of my love through physical touch as well.

I love giving my girls an unexpected hug or kiss and seeing their whole attitude change.
And feeling their pudgy little arms around my neck is always a bright spot in my day as well.