Here’s a glimpse of the week we spent at Heathers.

First hint that you’re in Southeastern Texas: Buccee’s

Alisa loved her “fancy-fancy” – unfortunately she only got to wear it for about two minutes before Susannah claimed it for the remainder of our trip. She literally would wake up every morning and have it on before Alisa was lucid enough to realize what was happening. Poor kid.

Loved the hospital building in Galveston.


By all means…let your children run amongst wine bottles…


In true auntie Ang form, Susannah does NOT mess around with her ice cream…

Check out Mad’s expression.
Susannah: “Where did all my ice cream go?!”

The little, little.

For mom. The shop didn’t sell donuts so she settled for ice cream.

This was around six in the morning. They were singing the Happy Day Express song. The caboose (Madeline) had already disengaged. (Notice who’s wearing the tutu.)

Probably my favorite photo from the whole trip – he took pity on a little girl running a lemonade stand. In fact, he gave her $5 for a $1 cup of lemonade and she apparently decided to recruit him to be her advertising department.

He was instructed to pass these flyers out to his friends. Too adorable.

We attended a pretty, autumn-y, for-women-only party.

The girls were a complete mess. As each course was served Susannah loudly pronounced that she didn’t like it (and I swear we’ve been working on that with her for a very long time…sigh), Madeline cried the entire time because she was seated more than an arms-length away from me, and Alisa yelled “Theresa, give me some of that” every time she brought a new course into the room. If they weren’t our kids it would have been hilarious. (Hannah was an angel)

Susannah absolutely adored the beach. She barely left the water the entire time we were there and has been asking when we can go back ever since.

The clan. Madeline chose to distance herself. Typical.

For mom. Seriously, I was afraid you would disown me if I forgot. Which I did. Until the last minute of the last night.