Still not feeling well today, so this won’t be long.
I took the girls to the park today and I’m going to share a few photos in tomorrows post.

I’m not a park person.
The girls love it, of course. What kid doesn’t love the park?
I remember being excited to go until I was…well, pretty old, actually. (Maybe 13 or so?)

My problems with parks/playgrounds are:

1) Mentally, it’s exhausting watching out for more than one kid at a busy playground. I’m scared to let either of them out of my sight but I only have two eyes. (Duh.)

2) Playgrounds are so gross and dirty. Not only are little kids germ-y and stuff…it’s more what the big kids do after dark that really worries me. Why are there always beer bottles, cigarette butts, and worse littering the park grounds?

3) It’s hot in Texas. Lame, I know, but kids don’t seem to feel the heat. Unfortunately, I’m no longer a kid.

4) Other kids can be mean. I’m sure my kids can be too, but they usually are friendly to kids they’ve just met.

5) Other kids say things I don’t want my children repeating. Especially older kids. I know I can’t protect them from this forever, but I try not to expose them to foul language.

I could probably go on, but those are my main complaints.
Still, they love going, and if we go in the middle of the day its usually not crowded, so I surprised them today with a trip to a huge playground we haven’t been to before.
Jeremy met us on his lunch break and it was nice to all be together for a little while in the middle of the day.

Sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone for the sake of others.
But please, wash your kids hands when they get home. :P