This week I helped Heather work on a project for her girls room.
Between all of the errands/shopping/appointments/restaurants and being sick we barely managed to get it finished before I left. I was literally putting up the last few leaves two minutes before I walked out the door on Tuesday morning, but hey, whatever works, right?

The inspiration for this project was found here and I’ve been dying to try it ever since I’ve seen it, so I was super happy when Heather liked it enough to try.

Here are the results – our tree is a little more spread out, a lot taller (she has 10 foot ceilings!), and is house to a lot fewer critters, but we like it!
(Although I think it could use some more leaves…they’re a little clustered around the end of the branches. Easy remedy for that, though.)
Hmmm…and maybe another set of branches….
We had an odd space to work with (between two windows) and our burlap wasn’t wide enough to cut the branches in one piece with the trunk, and then to top it off we didn’t account for the height of her walls and ended up a yard short. So you can’t tell in these photos but the trunk ended halfway down the wall. She’ll add the last piece soon and then post a full-length photo.

What a cheery room!