It seems safe to assume that we all want to impart something to our children during the formative years.
And good or bad, every generation will pass character traits, skills, and belief systems down to the next.

I think most parents have the desire to teach their children about life and how to live it.
The basics are obvious things like walking, talking, dressing themselves, etc.
Most other things depend on life philosophies and personal beliefs, and will vary from home to home.

This is where it gets hard, though.
Because the best way to teach is through example.
Which takes discipline.

Oh, discipline. How I loathe thee and love thee.

There are so many areas in my life that I need to exercise more discipline in, a fact that I realize much more often since becoming a mother.
It’s easy to convince myself that I’m doing okay in areas of my life that actually need a lot of work when no one else is watching.
But not so easy to be dishonest with myself when the littles are following my every move.

And it’s amazing how quickly they learn to pick up on hypocrisy.

Discipline is an area I struggle with daily, but one I’m determined needs to be mastered (as much as humanly possible) for the sake of my children (and myself).

I want to teach them by example, and to do that, I’m having to address the failures and problem areas in my own life.
Because the best teaching tool is by example.

They’ll pick up character traits from me – good and bad.

Such a sobering thought.
Do I want to pass on my character flaws?
Am I concerned enough about that possibility to take the initiative to overcome them in my own life?
Are my children worth the effort?

This is the heart of intentional living.
And so often, what is greatly important is also the most difficult to accomplish.