One of the activities I most enjoy participating in with my girlies is reading to them.

I’ve always been passionate about reading, and some of my earliest memories are of reading my favorite books.
As I grew older I read voraciously, ten and twenty books (or more) a week.
I constantly pestered my mother to take me to the library. There were very few things I loved more than curling up with a book and getting lost in its pages.

I still love to read, and very much hope to pass on that love to my children.
My goal is to direct their reading towards good literature and avoid becoming trapped in the drivel that is so often produced for young readers these days.
I read a fair amount of drivel myself (Baby-Sitters Club, anyone?) and wish I hadn’t wasted the time on those books.
I consider them the youthful version of the mindless romance books that are produced en masse for the adult female population – complete and total fluff.
I don’t remember a single thing about them except that they were all basically the same story.
The books that I do remember, and that usually became my favorites, almost always contained a fair amount of historical value, unforgettable characters, and a strong plot.
As I grew into adulthood I eventually came to prefer non-fiction over fiction, with a few exceptions.

I hope to help my girls avoid some of the fluff and steer them toward books that will enrich instead of solely entertain.

For now, my goal is generate a love of reading that hopefully will extend throughout their lives.
We try to read several story books aloud each day, have begun making weekly trips to the local public library, and I’ve recently begun introducing chapter books as well.
Susannah especially enjoys the continuing stories and has an excellent memory so she stays engaged through the entire process.
Madeline doesn’t have quite the attention span, but she wants to be involved so she does quite well for a two-year-old.
We’ve started the Little House on the Prairie series and made it through the first volume. It may be a little advanced but they seem to be enjoying it so I think we’ll try to make it through the series in the next year or so.

Anyone have any good chapter books to recommend?
(We tried the Ramona series, but frankly, I wasn’t impressed.)
Another on my list to read to the girls is the Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace, one of my favorite authors of all time.