One area that I wish I had been more intentional in is record-keeping. I received beautiful baby books for both of my girls and they still sit largely un-finished on my bookshelves.
I had (and still have) every intention of working on them, but enough time has passed at this point that I won’t be able to remember many of those first milestones.

The sad thing is, they would have only taken a moment to record, but I just didn’t take the time.

My goal is to make more of an effort to record things during my girls childhood that I know I will want to remember in later years.
To start, I’m digging out the baby books and will do my best for the remainder of the month to fill in areas I’m able to remember at this point.

As my children grow older I hope/plan to record their school years and major milestones.
I love the idea of taking a photo at the beginning of each school year with notations of some of their favorite things/likes/dislikes/etc.

Here is an example, found on pinterest. Too adorable.
Anyone have any other great ideas for recording milestones?