Along the same lines of being intentional about recording milestones, one area I don’t have much trouble with is taking photos.
(Although you probably shouldn’t ask about organization!)

I love taking photos, always have.
With the exception of a few months when I was pregnant with Madeline, I’ve managed to capture at least a few pictures of each stage in my girls lives.

One thing I’ve noticed about myself, though, is that I may push trying to get that perfect pose or expression a little too far.

Usually a photo session goes something like this:

  • I see the girls doing something cute so I try to sneak the camera out to capture them mid-moment.
  • They see me.
  • Everything stops.
  • I ask them to repeat whatever it was they were doing.
  • Madeline immediately assumes a pouty expression and refuses to do anything.
  • Susannah happily complies.
  • I continue to cajole Mad into doing anything.
  • She pouts more.
  • Susannah gets bored and moves on to something else.
  • I give up on Madeline and start working on Susannah.
  • She’s lost interest completely.
  • We all end up frustrated.

I think I need to stop striving for perfection from the girls and just take the photos I can (or that they will allow) and be happy with that.
If they end up frustrated and unhappy because I insisted on taking fifty-seven photos of something, I’ve robbed them of the joy that I was trying to capture in the first place.

I need to learn to be more flexible, and pass on a photo opportunity if it’s going to cause problems.

Better to just join them and create happy memories than to ruin the moment trying to preserve it.

But I will be happy when Madeline is past this pouty stage.