To be an intentional mother, sometimes you just have to learn to say no.

No to that extra activity that will cram your schedule too full.
No to the well-meaning person who asks you to take on a responsibility that will make your time with your kids too hectic to give them your full attention.
No to that thing you’d really like to do, but have to choose over your kids.

Most of my schedule issues come from myself.

I plan too many activities/appointments/outings/etc into a week and at the end we’re all tired, cranky, and frustrated.

When I was single I thrived on being active all the time.
I loved being busy and running from school to work to meet up with my friends and family and then back to school.
It was exhausting, but exciting.

It doesn’t quite work that way with kids.

To be totally honest, just getting them in and out of the car a couple of times is enough to wear me out.

Too many activities crammed into a certain time-frame is exhausting to them as well.
Maybe more so.

My girls love to go shopping….for the first ten minutes.
Then they just want to go home and play in their sandbox.

I’ve been striving not to plan more than one or two outings a week, unless absolutely necessary, and so far that’s worked really well for us.
For now, our usual schedule includes errands one day a week and the library for pre-school storytime on Friday mornings.

We get out just enough to not go stir-crazy, but are home enough to have a nice, slow, anything-goes sort of schedule a few days per week.

What works for your family?