A concept we’re working hard to incorporate right now is personal responsibility.
Our girlies are still pretty young, but they’re still able to grasp what it means to some degree.

They’ve learned that when they disobey or have a bad attitude about something that it is their own choice and they must accept the consequences for their actions.
They’ve known for quite some time now that if they drag out all of their toys, books, etc. they will be responsible for cleaning up their own mess.
They also know that if they are cruel to each other they must accept that they chose that course of action and were not forced into it by another.

Jeremy and I strongly feel that it’s important preparation for real life to teach personal responsibility and accountability.
Children who grow up never having to face the consequences of their own actions are ill-prepared for standing on their own two feet when it’s time to enter the world as adults.

We still have a long way to go, and it’s not always a pleasant job, but the long-term aspiration of responsible, mature children who understand personal accountability is a worthy goal to reach for.