I love creating things.
Do-it-yourself type stuff.

In the past year or so Susannah has become very interested in whatever I’m doing at the moment.
She wants to be involved.
She want to create something herself.

I love that.

But that usually means I have to stop what I’m doing so I can help with her project.

I’m not always willing to do that, but I do want to foster creativity in my little ones, so I’ve been learning that it’s worth the time to stop what I’m doing and introduce something new to them.
Even if it means holding off on my interests for a while.

If it means that down the road we can all create together, it will be so worth it.
And there’s so much I want to share with them.
It’s always more fun to have someone to create with, and I haven’t had anybody to do that with for a very long time.

Susannah’s already started a list of things she wants to do when she “gets big enough.”

#1 on the list:
Make Bear-Bear some clothes with the sewing machine.
How cute is that?!