Jeremy surprised us this morning with tickets to the Texas State Fair, which is why this post is so late.
It was a beautiful autumn day and we had a wonderful time together as a family.

Aside from just having lots of fun we had the opportunity to remind our girls (and ourselves!) of a few principles:

  • Contentment – There’s an awful lot to covet at the fair; it was a good opportunity to explain (or attempt to) why we aren’t owed everything we want, and how we should be content with what we are given. We aren’t big spenders, but there were plenty of attractions to keep us happy and busy: African acrobats, a huge petting zoo, a fun game about how farms operate (the kids got to cash in their earnings from all their work for a treat at the end), live music, and stories for the kids, among many other things.
  • Appreciation – Limiting what we do purchase gives us the chance to fully appreciate the things we did have. The funnel cake we split was more than enough for all of us and tasted so good! Susannah got to experience her first ride ever, and since she only got to pick one she made sure to ride the one she wanted most and thoroughly enjoyed herself.
  • Thankfulness – One the things I’ve really been trying to focus on with my girls is to express our thankfulness to those who do things for us. It still requires prompting a lot of times, but they’re learning. We were all very thankful to daddy for taking the time off of work to give us such a fun-fill day!

The first thing Susannah saw – as she calls it, “the phone guy.” This child adores playing games on our phones.

Big Tex

Riding one of the little tractors at the “farm”

She loved feeding the goats

I think she’s pretty relaxed…

Jeremy with his dream car.

Her first ride. She looks a little worried, doesn’t she? But she had a blast once it started.

Ahahaha – the things you don’t notice in the blinding sun

Worn out at the end of the day