Sometimes you just have to say NO.

Sound familiar?
I know…I already wrote about saying no.

But this time it’s about saying no to my kids.

I’ve seen the product of parents who never say no.
It’s not pretty.
Unhappy, never-satisfied, spoiled-rotten, selfish, never-think-about-anyone-else, ungrateful, miserable kids.
That’s the result.

So, while we do try to say yes whenever possible, we still say no a lot.

No, we can’t stop at the park every time we drive by. (There are definite disadvantages to having a park at the end of our street.)
No, we can’t eat Chinese food every day (LOL!).
No, you can’t have candy just because you didn’t throw a fit.
No, you can’t watch Bugs Bunny 23.5 hours a day.
No, you can’t have every toy you see in the store.

Because it’s good for you to be told no sometimes.

They’ll understand when they’re older. :)
Because they’ll still hear it when they’re grown.
And how they’re taught to react to being told no sets the stage for how they’ll react later in life.

So for now, we just try to teach them to accept the no’s with grace.

Which is a lesson I need to (re)learn myself from time to time.