One of the things Jeremy and I try to be the most intentional about is sharing our faith with our kids.

That won’t happen by just taking them to church every week (although that’s important, too!).

We want them to understand what we believe, why we believe, and where we get what we believe (the Bible).
We want to give them more than head knowledge; we want to pass on heart knowledge.
Something they can understand and embrace for themselves.

But we’re not perfect.
We have to admit when we make mistakes.
We have to admit that we’re sinners, too.
We have to teach them the importance of prayer and a personal relationship with God.
We have to teach them what it means to live by the principles of the Bible.

It’s not a small job.
It’s not easy.
It intimidates me.
The responsibility frightens me sometimes.

Which just reminds me how important it is.
What could be more important?