One thing I determined before I ever had kids was that I would do my best to never put them down in front of other people.

I was a very sensitive, constantly-embarrassed child.
Thoughtless words easily hurt me.

Although I’m much more thick-skinned now, words can still have a very powerful impact on me.

I’ve seen little kids berated by their parents in the presence of others and my heart always hurts for them.
In some cases parents seem to get pleasure out of mocking their children publicly.
They care more about amusing their friends at their child’s expense than they do about the feelings of that child.

I know as parents we have to address issues with our children, but I don’t believe that doing so publicly will ever product great results.
Usually, due to embarrassement, the child either withdraws into himself and becomes sullen and unfriendly, or acts out further, only worsening an already bad situation.

I’ve also observed some amazing parents who will pull their child aside privately to correct, and I’ve seen the difference it can make.
These parents never mock or publicly humiliate their kids.
They take the time to go over the problem or explain the situation fully to their child, one-on-one.
They cherish their children’s tender hearts.

I admire these parents; they are my role models, and I truly hope that I will learn from their wisdom.