Continuing from yesterdays thoughts on children loving to play with boxes – have you ever noticed that the elaborate toys just sit around collecting dust?
I’m sure some kids do play with fancy toys, but we tend to stick to the simple, creative types of entertainment.

I love toys that encourage creative play.
Especially considering that too many of the current generation are tv and video game addicts.
We don’t have a tv or a gaming system, but it’s easy to see the effect they have.
We let Susannah access a phonics website, Starfall, which is an excellent learning tool, but we have to be careful exercise moderation or she will ask to be on the computer all the time.
We let her play games on our phone (probably not the best choice we’ve ever made), and she constantly begs to use it.
We let them watch a few episodes of Bugs Bunny and pretty soon they’re asking twelve times a day.

So as much as possibly we encourage them to play with the toys that take some imagination. You know, toys that don’t do everything for them.
Some of our favorites are

  • Blocks
  • Legos (okay, personally, not my favorite, but the girls and the daddy love them!)
  • Train sets
  • Dress-up
  • Drawing
  • Exercise equipment – they love “exercising”
  • Blankets – these are used for everything from tents to sleeping bags to capes

In our opinion, simple toys that really engage the children are the best option.
Much less expensive, too!