Like anything worthwhile, being an intentional parent takes patience and perseverance.
Some days (like yesterday!) it will seem like nothing goes right.
There will always be days that are packed too full.
Sometimes it’ll seem like the goal you’re reaching for isn’t attainable.

But then there will be the days where all the hard work pays off and makes it worth the time and effort.

Susannah was ridiculously hard to get potty trained.
She understood the concept.
She’s a smart kid.
She just didn’t care.

I think she re-lapsed about twenty thousand times.
I was pulling-my-hair-out-stressed, ready-to-give-up, mad-at-the-world, discouraged.

And then one day, she just stopped having “accidents.”
And I could hear the angels singing. Practically.

It just took a ton of patience and a determination not to give up.
But the results were well worth it.
I barely remember all of the awfulness now.

(Except for the fact that I don’t want any more kids b/c that means more potty training.)

Susannah was actually difficult to train much of anything for the first few years of her life.

She wouldn’t stay in bed.
That was a serious battle.
Took a lot of training, patience, perseverance.

Well, that and an alarm that alerted us when she got out of bed.
Hey. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

About everything.

But you know what? She’s a pretty good kid these days.
She’s learned to stay in bed.
She’s learned to (mostly) control that temper.
She’s learned that it’s better to obey than to exert her will.

Just took time.

So…all that to say, I have hope.
We’re trainable.