Here are some glimpses of what I’m loving right now.

Oh my word, I’ve searched for this ever since I’ve moved to Texas and this is the first time I’ve ever seen it carried in a store here.
Too bad I don’t drink non-diet sodas anymore (that didn’t stop me from having a little).

Instax Cameras – a new version of a Polaroid. Love.

Smash Books – just smash memorabilia into a book? Hey, I already do that! Perfect!

Downy Unstoppables.
I like my clothes to smell good when they come out of the wash.
So I use Gain detergent, Gain softener, these bad boys, and a Gain dryer sheet.

Art Journals – one of these days I’m going to take the plunge and start my own.

Source: via Rebekah on Pinterest


Fingerprint Wedding Guestbook – I seriously would get married all over again just so I could do something like this…

Source: None via Rebekah on Pinterest



Boots. I need boots.

Source: None via Rebekah on Pinterest



Viva Paper Towels – in this print
You know that person you pass in the store that’s taken down the entire paper towel display in search of a certain print. Yep, that’s me.
Besides being beautiful and making me happy, they’re the best paper towels ever. Ever.

I could go on, but I’ll spare you.
What’s on your love list right now?