Not the Tevye-style traditions (the Papa!).
Although, while we’re on the subject of musicals, I wouldn’t complain if Jeremy made it a tradition to watch Phantom of the Opera with me.
Sine I don’t see that happening….back to the original subject.

Original subect…

Oh, yeah.

Specifically, family traditions.

I want them.
I think they’re important.
I think they’re important to children.

Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around our family traditions.
It doesn’t really matter what they are.
Just doing something together as a family that everyone has come to expect and anticipate is worthwhile.

A few that I loved most growing up:

Going to the same sand dunes every time we went to the coast while we lived in Oregon. Dad would always take us kids to the top of the dunes and then we’d all race down. We knew we were going to fall and get sand in our eyes and mouth (which really isn’t that pleasant).
But we’d have never dreamed of not doing it. We loved it.
It was a special time with our dad.
When I go visit Phil I’m going to do my absolute best to take my kids to those same dunes. And race ’em to the bottom, sand in the face and all.

Christmas Eve with my family. We’d eat junk food, be silly, watch the lights blink on the tree, play games. Even after we were grown, we’d always be together on Christmas Eve.
It’s still the hardest day of the year to be apart from my parents and siblings.

Star Wars marathons. Yes, we’re nerds. Good memories.

There are more.
Lots more.

But now I need to be making traditions with my own family.
Because I want them to look back someday and have the same wonderful memories that I have.
Special times with family.
You can’t replace that with anything.