Over the last four years I’ve learned a few things about being a mother.
One is that I don’t know anything.
Two is that every child is different so you basically have to re-learn everything each time around.
And three is that to be a good mother, you sometimes have to take a little time for yourself.

Does that make me selfish?
Maybe so.

But I’ve found that just getting away for a little bit every once in a while helps my perspective tremendously.

Usually my “get-away” time is something really glamorous, like grocery shopping or a dentist appointment.

But you know what?
Just having some time to myself, time to think about whatever without little voices asking me the same question fifty times in a row, is just enough to restore my sanity.

Sometimes I have a little reprieve from the constant demands for my attention during naptime in the afternoon when I put all the to-do lists aside and have a calming cup of tea and read a chapter out of a book.

I can be at the end of my rope, sanity dangling by a thread, and after an hour or two of grocery shopping by myself be ready to head home and see my little sweeties that I suddenly miss.

We all need a break now and then.
It doesn’t mean we love our kids any less.

For me, a little bit of time away now and again helps to strengthen my resolve to be an intentional mother.

So my advice:
Every once in a while, make some time for you.
Enjoy that cup of tea or coffee.
Go somewhere by yourself.
Read in beautiful silence for an hour.
Just do it.