Day 30!
Well, that went by fast.

….okay, not.

I don’t know about everyone else who has participated in this challenge, but it’s been quite, well, CHALLENGING!
I’d actually love to give it another try soon (and be better prepared!), but I have to admit that I’m really breathing a sigh of relief that it’s almost over.

It’s not over quite yet, is it?

I mentioned earlier (I think) that one area I know I need to work on is to give my girls individualized attention.
Focus on things that really matter to them.
Make it personal.

One way I’d really like to do this is to have a monthly outing or special time that I spend with just that child.

I’m going to be honest and admit that I don’t really know exactly where to start with this one. My girlies are still young enough that it’s hard to say what really interests them right now, but that shouldn’t stop me from trying.
I’d like to be along for the ride as they figure that out for themselves.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could to that would be special for one-on-one dates with small children?

I also love the idea of daddy-daughter dates and know that the girls would enjoy a special time with just Jeremy.

So, here’s to a new challenge for myself – begin a tradition of special one-on-one times with my girls, doing something they love.
Learn what they enjoy.
Encourage their pursuits.
Nurture their dreams.
Treasure each moment.