The last day of October! We made it!
For those of you who’ve stuck with me for the entire month – THANK YOU for hanging on through 31 days of my ramblings.

It has helped me to write down some of the things about parenting that have been swirling through my mind lately, so even though I’m glad I’m done, I’m happy that I chose to participate in this challenge.

Just as a re-cap here are some of the things I’m striving toward in my quest to be a more intentional mother:

  • Be in the moment
  • Plan occasional fun things just for their sake
  • Learn to listen
  • Love them through physical touch
  • Try to make the most of the activities/times that are difficult (bedtime, etc)
  • Putting their desires ahead of mine won’t kill me
  • Teach through example
  • Encourage a love of reading
  • Become a better record-keeper
  • Learn when to say no
  • Learn when to say yes
  • Teach personal accountability
  • Encourage creativity
  • Teach thankfulness and contentment
  • Share my faith with them
  • Never belittle in front of others
  • Encourage creative play
  • Patience and perseverance pay off
  • Love them
  • Start family traditions
  • Time to myself is important too
  • Give each child one-on-one attention


Well, it’s been fun!
Now it’s your turn! ;)