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We had a lovely Thanksgiving.
But I’m so glad it only happens once a year.
I never want to cook or wash dishes again.
Bad news for the fam, right?

I think at the point the guys and kids were ready to mutiny.
“Stop taking pictures and let us eat!”

This was supposed to look like a veggie turkey.
Just squint and maybe you’ll see it.

So this was an appetizer.
Jalapeno popper dip, to be exact.
But it got served with the other food.
I don’t know how people do it.
Martha Stewart I am not.

Ready to eat!
Notice how happy Madeline is.

We took family pictures.
This is pretty much how they all turned out.


Heather made a killer chocolate cheesecake. Susannah ate her piece and then half of mine.
I don’t know how.
One bite just about made you keel over.
It was that rich.

They were pretty much in a sugar coma all weekend.

We went on an afternoon Thanksgiving-themed scavenger hunt.
It was for the kids.
Maybe next year they’ll be interested.
Heather and I had fun, though.
We did a lot of substituting.

Pretty autumn colors.

Our thankful tree.

This is how we all felt on Friday.

This was right before I told her “Get up and take a shower, stinky.”

I’m such a good host.


Even Susannah fell asleep.

In the middle of playing Zuma.

Serious stuff, people.