I pretty much hate my hair.
I know I shouldn’t.
But it’s so unruly all the time.
And there’s so much of it.
Which means that if I decide to tame the beast it’s going to take forever.

I think I’ve tried just about every hairstyle known to man (or woman, anyway).
There’ve been the perms, the straighteners, the bobs, the really long, the really short, the somewhere-in-between, the colored, highlighted, thinned, spiraled, waved, and the downright scary.
Seriously, I should dig some old pictures out just to show how many hairstyles I’ve tried.

Or not.

I like my hair long and straight.
And it used to be straight, more or less.

Now it’s a lot of the less.
Maybe it’s the humidity.
Maybe it’s having kids.
Maybe it’s just because I’m getting old.

But if I leave it to its natural devices it is a giant, poofy, frizzy mess.

So back in August I read The Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey.
I’ve heard of the the curly girl method before. I’ve had friends (Laurel, maybe? Jo?) who’ve used it and/or recommended it, but I’ve never really looked into it much myself before this summer.
All I remembered hearing about the method was that you didn’t use shampoo.
No shampoo?

Turns out sulfate, which is found in almost all traditional shampoos is bad for curly hair. (Is it good for non-curly hair?)
As is the alcohol found in conditioners.
And brushing doesn’t help either.
Neither does towel-drying.

Who’d have know all that?

So I figured I’d try a 6-week experiment to see if there were any noticeable results with my frizz-ball. (Since she says it can take up to 6 weeks for curly/wavy hair to adjust to the new regimen.)

I took a photo every week to document the process.
Except I forgot to take a beginning picture to show just how frizzy/out of control it normally is.
You’ll just have to trust me.

So, quick run-down.

Week 1 (first two photos), I was really nervous that my hair was going to be greasy/dirty looking, but I never really had any issues with that. I co-washed with conditioner every day and it seemed to keep my scalp clean.

Week 2 (photos 3 and 4), my hair was a little more manageable.

Week 3 (photos 5 and 6), sorry for the terrible quality of the photos. See how cheerful I was? For whatever reason, my hair didn’t seem to do as well this week.

Week 4 (photos 7 and 8), nothing new to report this week

Week 5 (photos 9 and 10), I was getting tired of it by this week. I’m pretty sure that I needed a better conditioner, because it seemed like my hair was dry. I couldn’t find the recommended brands so substituted another alcohol-free conditioner and I just don’t think it did what my hair needed.

Week 6 (forgot to take a photo again, but there was no change), by this week I really felt like there was some kind of buildup on my scalp and couldn’t wait to just shampoo it again.

The last photo is of day one of week 7. :)
I was so happy to have straight hair again!

I’m not really sure what I think about the method. My hair was definitely more manageable, and all I had to do each day was spray it down and scrunch, so it was easier to take care of.
But I hate having crunchy-gel hair, so that bothered me.
If I try it again, I’ll make sure to have a sulfate-free shampoo and a deep conditioner to use.

But for now….I’m considering chopping it all off again.
At least that way straightening it will take much less time.

Something similar to this, maybe?

I’m also struggling with whether or not I should cut some of my bangs back.