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Dear Susannah, how is it possible for a four-year-old to have such a perfect memory?  The moment we drove across the bridge into Freeport I actually saw the lightbulb go off in your brain, and steeled myself for the “you promised we’d go back to the beach the next time we visited auntie Heather” that I knew was coming.  And as usual, you didn’t disappoint.  Dear Christmas, how can you only be twelve days away?  I’d like to file an extension, please.  Dear Heather and Caleb, thank you for letting me and my wild children barge in on you…again.   Dear Shipley’s Donuts, you’ve been the ruination of me this week.  I hold you fully responsible for any weight I’ve gained the past few days.  Dear Jeremy, would you like to join me in my quarters this night…for some toast?