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Where has the year gone?
Here’s a tiny look back at what 2011 has been for the Lewis household.

Susannah read her first book.

My last kid is fully potty trained. Kinda.

We consumed approximately 83 cakes. Which is hopefully a gross exaggeration. But around here, you just never know.

For the first time in my life I can do regular push-ups. Lots of them. In fact, I’ve consistently worked out all year, which is a pretty major accomplishment for me.

Also for the first time in my life, I can’t lose weight. You’d think the one would help the other, but no.

Madeline has perfected the sarcastic eye roll at the ripe old age of two.

Jeremy spent, more or less, the last three months of the year under the hood of our car(s).

I stopped couponing. As in, completely. It’s pretty sad, really. There’s no motivating me, though.

I can officially play half of George Winston’s Thanksgiving quite well. I can also very painfully make my way through the second half. Hey, for me, even learning half of a new song in a year is considered a victory.

The girls have discovered a great love for the library. Which makes me pretty stinkin happy.

Madelines favorite song of the year: the snowman. She’s also mastered the art of ad-libbing. (imagine “I need to go pot-ty” to the tune of the snowman.)

After many years of searching, I’ve finally discovered the best coffee cake recipe in the world. Come to my house and I’ll prove it to you.

Now…bring on 2012!