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Dear 2012, Welcome! I love starting a new year. I love de-cluttering (just ask Jeremy). I also love convincing myself that even though I’ve failed 45 times before, THIS YEAR will be different, and I’ll accomplish all of my lofty goals. Dear self, the next time Susannah asks where all of the cookies she decorated went, try to look innocent while inconspicuously wiping the crumbs from your mouth. Dear husband, thank you for the newly refurbished sewing box. It would be even more special if you would stop blaming me for all of the hours of work that went into it. Dear Madeline, no, peeing all over the floor right in front of the toilet isn’t the same as sitting on it. I’m not okay with that. Dear author of the Benjamin Franklin biography that is taunting me from my bedside table, I hate you. Why is your deal with obscure details that no one cares about? Dear Dr Pepper 10, thanks to you, Jeremy and have found the one thing in life that we do agree on. You’re good, very good. As evidenced by the following photo.