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Dear Lowes, I have a very large bone to pick with you. That second can of paint is NOT the same color as the first. I know because I have two walls that are light pink and two walls that are a grody mauve-ish color. Thanks a lot. Dear Susannah, I think your giggling over the suction thingy during your entire examination made even the super-grump dentist smile. By the way, you have a ginormous mouth. I don’t know where you get that from. Dear Caleb, I bet there’s a trail of chip crumbs stretching from Temple to Freeport. Dear grandma and Jeremy, thanks for letting me totally hog the baby; I know it was selfish of me but I’m not feeling very repentant about the whole thing. Dear Heather, come visit soon – I have a lovely pink-ish/mauve-ish room all ready for you…