Dear Madeline, I’m so glad your birthday is over.  Now if only Susannah’s was past, too.  Dear Madeline’s room, I don’t know how I’ve managed to drag this re-do out for so long, but I’m pretty much over the whole thing now.  (If only Susannah’s was done too…).  Dear spring break, enough with the rain already!  Dear husband, a week of Saturdays is always….interesting.  Dear checkbook, if I could pick one chore to do itself I would pick…the laundry.  But if you start balancing yourself that would be awesome too.  Dear Jillian Michaels, I hate you.  With a capital H.  Level 2 of your 30 Day Shred is pure insanity.  Wicked evilness, I tell you, WICKED EVILNESS.  Dear Susannah, please stop burying your little sister under gigantic mountains of toys and blankets.  Remember, unlike you, she has the muscle tone of a marshmallow.