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Just a random listing of some of the awesomeness that’s been catching my eye on Pinterest lately.

(If you pin something please click on the link and pin from the original source – thanks!)

This fudge pretty much makes me want to eat myself into a sugar-coma.



I adore this idea.

Raise your hand if you think I need to try this myself. :)




I need this.

I also need the space to put it.

Source: bhg.com via Rebekah on Pinterest




Now my Willow Tree figures need some adorable little wooden signs to make them happy.



Just because I’ll feel guilty if I don’t include something that’s somewhat healthy-ish.



So even though I haven’t technically finished Madeline’s room yet, I’m already thinking that Susannah really NEEDS something like this in her room.

Think I can convince Jeremy?

Cause I don’t really do the whole power-tool thing…