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Week two of SimpleMom‘s Project Simplify.
This week the challenge was to pick a few spots in the kitchen to declutter/clean, and I chose the microwave and fridge since I’ve had them both on my to-clean list for longer than I’d care to admit.

The fridge wasn’t super bad, just needed a few things thrown out that we never use (French dressing, anyone?) and wiped down.
Amazing how many crumbs can accumulate on those shelves, especially since everything is stored in containers.

I did take a before shot but I accidently deleted it.
Just cause I’m special like that.

Here’s the after shot.
Not much in there, except for the beloved carbonation and cheese.
Now that I think of it, that’s probably enough for me to live off of.

The microwave was scary beyond any words.

I filled a big bowl with water, added a few drops of vanilla, and turned the microwave on for about five minutes.
I let it sit for a few additional minutes so the steam could really do its thing, then took a rag and wiped down the sides.

Such a quick and easy way to clean the nasty out.
I’ve used this method several times before but I like the addition of the vanilla because it adds a nice scent. (Idea found here.)

I meant to do my pantry this week also, but didn’t get around to it. I’ve been way too busy enjoying a couple of days of solitude while the fam is away camping.
I miss them, but I almost forgot what it’s like to just hear…silence.