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So these two things are completely unrelated other than the fact that they were both attempted in the kitchen.

But whatever.

First, I made a yellow cake a while back with some boring, run-of-the-mill buttercream frosting.
I don’t even remember what recipe I used for the cake, but I think it was from the BH&G cookbook.
You know, the red and white checked one.
Just a regular yellow cake, although it ended up being really heavy, almost like a pound cake.
I’m not sure if it was supposed to be that way or if I did something to it (probably the latter), but it was actually pretty good.

So I had these Smarties candies calling out to me every few seconds from my pantry.

I had boring buttercream frosting.

I decided to combine them.

And then, voila!

Smartie frosting.

It’s one of those kind of things where you either love it or hate it, probably, depending on whether or not you like the candy itself.

Luckily (or not, if you’re on a diet), my family loved it.
Jerm was pretty skeptical at first, but by the time we’d eaten a couple of giant slices he was convinced that it was one of the better frostings I’ve made.
Seriously, it’s embarrassing how much of that cake we ate.

It was sweet and very tangy, just like Smarties.

What it wasn’t, was pretty.
But ya can’t win em all, I guess.

If you like Smarties, Sweet-tarts, or any sweet/sour candy, you should give this a try.
Your taste buds will thank you.
(Although your waistline might not.)

Okay, now I’m hungry.

The second experiment was a life-changing moment.
Or, you know, close. ;)

I despise touching greasy cooked chicken.
It’s gross.

So one day I cooked a couple of chicken breasts and needed to shred them, and I threw them into my KitchenAid and turned it on for about thirty seconds.
And it shredded them perfectly for me.

I didn’t even have to touch the nastiness.
At all.

I heard about this somewhere. I really don’t know where, but I think it was on Pinterest.
I’d love to give credit, but if you type it in to Pinterest about thirty-five trillion links pop up, and I have no clue who to credit.

So maybe this isn’t a new idea and everyone already knows about it, but for me it was one of those light-shining-from-heaven-while-angels-sing-in-the-background moments.

I love it.
It makes me want to cook chicken everyday.
Much to my girls chagrin.
Now if only someone has a tutorial on how to get little kids to eat chicken.

So there ya go.
Make yourself some no-touchy shredded chicken and a giant yellow cake with two pounds of Smarties frosting.
Now, I call that a well-rounded meal. :D

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