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Dear Susannah, yes, I know it was nice of the neighbor lady to give you the new Snuggie that her daughter had outgrown, but do you really have to insist on packing it (in its box) everywhere? Taking it to church was an especially bad idea. Life with you is never boring. (Although often embarrassing.) Dear garden, is it just me or were you especially difficult to get ready for planting this year? I almost died of heat stroke (in April!) and that was after Jeremy had done all of the tilling. Dear husband, thank you so much for sharing with all of our friends and family at church that I insisted on stopping for Easter candy on the way home last Saturday. No really, I especially appreciate hearing Bro John’s description of me as “laid out on the couch popping chocolate and jelly beans all night and not saving him even one little morsel.” Seriously. Awesome. Dear self, you’re either going to successfully learn to do pull-ups or, well….fail. I was going to be dramatic and say die, but who am I kidding?