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Dear Strawberry Shortcake, thank you for teaching my girls a whole new arsenal of songs that they can loudly sing in public places.  Because anything’s better than Louisiana Saturday Nights.  Dear quilt that I’ve been working on for almost a year now, it’s been fun, but I think our relationship needs to come to an end.  Dear Susannah, your toothbrush does NOT need to be dried off after you use it.  Especially not on a bath towel that has already been used! *gag*  Dear Alaskan friends, if anyone has an overabundance of rhubarb this year I will gladly buy it off of you.  Because my life just isn’t complete without it.  Dear lemon recipes, you’re killing me.  Why do I have to love lemon desserts so much?  Dear husband, thanks for the date last week.  I had a killer time…you even let me get Good & Plenty.  Now that’s love. Dear Madeline, I love how enthusiastically you sing in church. You’re a little too charismatic for Baptists though. You might want to tone down the arm waving a little bit…