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Dear Electrasol, I’m going to miss you.  But now that my stockpile is depleted I finally get to try to make my own detergent.  I have no idea why that’s exciting.  Dear Jeremy, Ang, and Jonny, three birthdays in four days?  What were you all thinking being born so close together?!?!  Dear husband, when are our kids ever going to learn table manners?  Gross little kids…  Dear self, what’s the deal with your memory?  Two little verses a week isn’t too much to ask, so why are you being so rebellious?  Dear insurance, thanks so much for getting our application to us two days before it was due.  No really, thank you.  Dear Hoarders, thanks to you I’m having a garage sale this weekend after I promised myself I’d take a year off.  Thanks for the motivation…