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Dear self, stop being so scared to get your hair cut by someone other than Ang. What’s the worst that could happen? An April Mathis haircut? Oh wait, that’s right. You’ve already lived through that once. Dear yard sale shoppers, why wouldn’t you buy all my stuff? It was all nice, clean, and CHEAP. I would have bought it (obviously).  In fact, I think I’ll….erm… buy it myself just to show you what a great deal you lost out on! Dear self (again), start using your clothesline. You can do it. You can do it. Dear Braums jalapeno burger, we must meet again sometime. Actually, on second thought, I think I should probably meet one of your cousins or something. Dear packages just sitting on my craft table taunting me, PLEASE mail yourselves! Ang and Deidre are going to give up on me altogether if you don’t. Dear spinach smoothies, please make me skinny. And don’t read that part about the jalapeno burger up there. Just don’t.  And finally, dear Heather, I dedicate this letter to you, since you forced me to write it when I planned on skipping.  Thanks a lot.  Now everyone knows all my deep dark secrets (Like the April Mathis haircut.  Which, now that I think about it….probably DESERVES a picture so everyone can really understand the trauma and pain it caused).