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Here’s how I did on my goal list this past month.
As usual, I didn’t succeed at everything, but I’m pretty happy with my overall progress.


  • Make one item each week to add to the girls dress-up wardrobe – I’ve kept up with this and will be making the last item this week.  It’s been a fun project! 
  • Paint Susannah’s bedroom – YES!  As of Saturday, her room is painted and ready for beautification.
  • Make Susannah’s quilt – No.  But it is still on my list and I hope to make some progress this week.
  • Exercise 4-5 times per week – Yes, mission accomplished.  Now if only the scale would start being kind…
  • Try three new recipes – Yup, this one was easy.
  • Take the girls to the library at least twice – I think we only made it once.  I haven’t had my car available for most of the month so library trips have been put on hold for the most part.
  • Mail at least three handwritten letters – YES!  And enjoyed it!
  • Start planning Susannah’s birthday – Plans are coming along pretty well.  I’m sure I’ll still be panicked and stressed by the end of June, though.
  • Take all of the items that didn’t sell in my garage sale to the donation center – I actually set everything out by the curb and the entire lot was picked up within the hour.
  • Make homemade dishwasher detergent – Yes.  Seems to be working about as well as the Electrasol did.


  • David Copperfield – I have about two chapters left and should be done today.  FINALLY!  Seriously.  900 pages of insanely detailed descriptions, anyone?
  • Beyond Belief to Convictions – I’m only about ten pages into this book, so it’s doubtful I’ll finish in time. ;)
  • Lord of my Rocking Boat – I have a few chapters left of this book also, but should be able to finish in the next few days.
  • Finish reading Little House on the Prairie to the girls and start on the next book in the series – Yes.  The “Laura and Mary books” are very popular with Susannah, especially.
  • Continue reading Leading Little One’s to God daily with the girls – Yep
  • 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles 1-3, Luke 23-24, John 1-12 – On track


  • Pick two verses to memorize with the girls – YES!  Huge accomplishment for me, here!
  • Colossians 1: 27-2:2 (Did I mention that I fell way behind last month?) – erm….let me just speak plainly, here.  I’ve given up on memorizing Colossians.  I still want to memorize but I think I’ll be revising my goals for June.  Oh well.  Can’t win em all.


  • Kind – Well.  You know.

Overall, not a terrible month.
My weakness seems to be memorization….

Time to start working on my list of goals for June.

How on earth is it already June?!?!