Dear Susannah,

Where has the time gone?  Just yesterday you were a tiny baby squirming to get out of my arms so you could explore, and now you’re a crazy five-year-old squirming to avoid my gaze when you do something questionable (which is a LOT!).

You have an incredible zest for life, which is why I’m exhausted at the end of each and every day, but I can’t imagine what we’d be without you.

You’re always so much FUN!

Just a few of the things I love about you:

  • Your incredible dance moves.  You dance half Russian, half ballet.
  • Your never-ending smile.  You’re the happiest kid I know.  Except when you aren’t.
  • Your obsessive-compulsive tendencies….so cute while you’re young.  I love walking into your room and finding your toys lined up in perfectly uniform rows.
  • The way you dive into your watermelon.  Its…scary beyond all reason.
  • Your unconditional, perfect love for Bear-Bear.  It’s amazing….he’s never bad, and your patience never wears out.
  • Your fancyness.  There is no describing your sense of style.
  • The way I can actually see the wheels turning in your head when you’re considering something.  Especially when you’re preparing an argument.
  • How affectionate you are….if we can catch you.  And then only for the briefest of seconds.  But still.  We take what we can get.
  • How you are completely princess and completely tomboy.  At the same time.

I love you so much, my big girl!