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Dear Susannah, I cannot believe you are five years old now. Dear rest of the year – birthday free! YES! Dear month of June, you flew by at an alarming rate. I was not sad to see you go. Dear husband, I know it was hard for you to take your trusty old Firebird to the car crusher. If you cried a little bit I’ll never tell. Dear new car, welcome to the family. We will love you forever…as long as your AC works. Dear self, you are the worlds worst procrastinator. Even when you aren’t procrastinating, you procrastinate. Dear people who post amazing birthday parties online, how on earth do you pull it off? I make a few lousy decorations and am totally stressed out, and you make your entire house gorgeous, and dazzling cakes and treats and party favors, and still manage to be un-frazzled enough to take perfect, beautiful photos. My photos are all blurry and ugly, so I hate you. Dear Washington, ready or not, here we come…..!!!