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Dear Tuesday, well here we are again, talking bout the rain, and mulling over things that don’t live past today. But while we’re on the subject of rain, how very nice that it rained here the entire time we were gone and now it’s back up to scorching. Dear Pacific Northwest, I adored your weather. Never mind that I wore a jacket or sweatshirt the entire time I was there, that was just the Texan part of me showing through. Dear Susannah, I know that mastering seat belts can be difficult for little kids, but I think when you said they were “so hard and hopeless” you were maybe being a little dramatic. Dear Davy, your notebook full of drawings of Jonny were pretty much the highlight of my year. Dear Jonny, sorry for laughing. Dear Madeline, when you shouted out in the grocery store yesterday that “OH NO! I lost my mind! We have to go back and get it!” I realized that you might not quite understand what I’m saying when I tell you and your sister that you’re driving me crazy. Dear Roo, I’ve never seen such an adorable little boy. Bummer that your parents wouldn’t give you to me. (And kind of selfish, sheesh.) Dear husband, thank you for our awesome trip. It was perfect. Dear Phil and Jenn, thanks for putting up with us.  Dear Portland, you were so much smaller than I remember. And is it too much to ask that things not change so much? After all, it’s only been 18 years…