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We’ve had an awesome time in Washington/Oregon the past few weeks with Phil, Jenn, and the boys, so I thought I’d share some of the pictures and what we did.
It’s taking me forever to go through all of the photos and sort them so I’ll just take it a day or two at a time.
First, I have to say that Jeremy actually said the Pacific Northwest was the most beautiful place he’d ever seen. That’s pretty huge, coming from the poster boy for Texas. ;)
I’ve always wanted to re-visit Oregon, especially to take Jerm and the girls back to some of the places I loved as a girl.

Anyway, here’s a look at our first few days.

This was at 2:30am – I doubt Jerm and I looked so cute.

Well, this road looks familiar…

Thank you, Spirit airlines, for losing our booster seat. And especially for your helpfulness.
First stop of the day:


These two…

And the view of the other side of the table…

We couldn’t get over the size of the evergreen trees.

We decided to take the more scenic route of travelling the coastal highway up to Fort Lewis, even though it would add an hour to our trip (or so we thought).

And this (Astoria) was the point that we realized that traveling the coast on the 4th of July might not have been the best idea. (We were only on the coastal highway for about 15 miles before cutting back across to I-5. And…we didn’t spot the ocean even once. Turns out the coastal highway doesn’t get you close enough to the water to see it until you travel further south. Whatever.
(Plus when I called Phil he informed me that we were going to be traveling down the same highway in two days….)
Kindergarten cop, anyone?

Once we finally made it to Ft Lewis we were greeted by a spectacular view of Mt Rainier. And because I’m truly lame, this is the only photo I took the entire time we were there, even though several times we felt close enough to touch it. Gah!

And then we were greeted by this beautiful sight.
Whatev. We were hungry.

The next few days were filled with catching up, food, and playing with the kids. Oh yeah, and walking around in a travel-induced fog.
Phil the pill did a lot of this:

And we ate a lot of this:

Oh my goodness, I’ve missed my little buddies.

Just because they’re so cute.

Also because they’re so weird.

Helping Auntie Jenn

See? We ate like kings.

And out of all that deliciousness, this was about the only thing Susannah ate for a week (except for Jenn’s fried halibut, which she loved). She’s embarrassingly picky (although traveling does seem to mess with her appetite). I feel like I’m being punished for something, but I can’t figure out what it could be…. ;)

But these wild men more than made up for Susannah’s lack of appetite.
Davy, you kill me, man.

The guys spent a lot of time in the back yard.
They were supposedly playing football but it looks more like they were choreographing some kind of weird dance.

And I think these last few photos speak for themselves.
Man, I’ve missed my brother.

Yeah, I believe ya, Phil.

Well that took forever.
And that was just the first two days.