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I know, I’ve drug this whole posting pictures of our vacation thing out way too long.

Here are the last of them.

This street looks familiar…

The old homestead. I really do remember the yard being bigger…


So many memories. Like when we broke that giant front window…

Hello, old friend

The kids didn’t complain about stopping by a park

Susannah testing out her photography skills. I know by now to bend down if I don’t want a nice belly shot (EEK!).

The actual playground was completely different but I remember spending many hours on this stone wall (probably reading)


Love this

EW!! No sign of Matt Neufeldt. ;)

Beautiful Mt Hood


….and jacked up Mt St Helens

Oh, Davy. You kill me. Not sure that’s the best use of your school-day, though…

I miss these two :(  Some of my very best friends.

Making the most of the last few moments together

It went by too fast :(

Madeline saying goodbye to her favorite cousin. She adored Chewy.

I would say Susannah fit right in.

Apparently Phil shared with his boys that I have the most gigantic mouth in the world. Davy wanted to steal the title from me, but I would say I’ve still got him beat. Maybe someday, Davy..

We spent most of our last day in Portland, so we decided to stop by Multnomah Falls.

I’d never climbed to the top before. And I never will again.
At least not in a sweatshirt.

Finally at the top. I guess it would have been smarter to take a picture the other direction so you could see how high we were. Hmph.

I especially loved the part where after hiking up for over a mile, you had to hike back DOWN to get to the top of the falls.

And here we are again.

The girls found a “big cave in Oklahoma” (Little Einstein reference.  Apparently to them all caves are in Oklahoma)

My failed attempt to get a pic with the waterfall behind me. Lame.

That’s better. Why does Madeline always pull her socks up like that?!

So pretty

Look what we found, dad!

Ah, the memories.

Goodbye, Portland!

We stopped by Clackamas Town Center to visit the ice rink, but it was gone. Guess Tonya Harding doesn’t practice there anymore…. ;)