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Dear Texas, I thought we were done with the 100+ degree weather. Don’t you know it’s hard to run when it’s so hot out? Dear Susannah, your requests for snacks are killing me. I’m probably not going to respond favorably when you say that the meal you just ate “was just a snack, so now can we have breakfast?” Dear military diet, please work, please work, please work. Dear fat self, until you get to your goal weight, you may need to ban yourself from Pinterest. I’m not sure which part will be harder. Dear Madeline, it was so cute when we told you that the toy you wanted cost too much and you replied, “but I can pay with my penny” and pulled it from your pocket. Dear Susannah, you kind of gave yourself away when you asked me to figure out a way to lock the oven door so it wouldn’t open when you swing on it. Sheesh.