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So, everyone loves Pinterest, right?
It’s pretty much the hottest ticket in town these days.
In fact, if I need to find something (recipe, cleaning solution, food substitutions, etc) I generally check Pinterest first.

And if it can’t be found on Pinterest or Google…well, it’s pretty much a lost cause at that point.

The problem is, there’s so much to see and read up on, that I find myself pinning twenty different solutions for homemade laundry detergent and then feeling too overwhelmed to try any of them out (just an example – I posted a great detergent recipe here).

There’s an easy solution for that.
Try these AWESOME, NO-FAIL, BEST-EVER tips out myself.

Maybe I’m just a skeptical person, but it kills me when I read all these pins that say “one pinner says this chicken recipe is so good that her family now calls her Martha Stewart, plus it kills bugs and cures cancer!”



But some of them are intriguing, and I’m all for a frugal, DIY version of something.

So…one tip I’ve been dying to try out was this:

I have gross carpets. They’re old, stained, hideous.
They were when we moved in, and they’re even worse now.

So I was super excited when I saw the photos showing the miraculous removal of ugly carpet stains with just ammonia and a steam iron.
After obsessing thinking about it for a few weeks, I finally drug out my iron, decided which towels should be consigned to the fate of soaking up stains, outfitted my kids with gas masks, and pulled out the old ammonia.

I’ll admit it.
I was expecting stellar results.

Except it didn’t work.
Yep, definite fail.

I didn’t just try it on one stain; I tried it on several.
Over and over.

The only results I produced were an upset stomach at the hideous warm steamy carpet smell and a nice chunk of burned carpet when my iron slipped off the corner of the towel. (OOPS!)

So disappointing.

I don’t know if my stains were different or older or what, but they aren’t budging.

So, as much as I wanted the outcome to be different, I’m assigning a definite fail to that experiment.

On the bright side, though, when I was cleaning all the carpet chunks off of my iron I decided to try and remove all the black gunk (where does that come from, anyway) that had collected on it over the years.

I scrubbed for a while and then decided to try my fix-all, go-to, couldn’t-live-without-it, wonder product – Mr Clean Magic Eraser, of course.
At least he didn’t let me down. Took that grody gunk right off.

So even though I have a newly holey, stained carpet….I have a shiny iron.

Bright side to everything.



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