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Dear wretched neck, I know you’re important and all, but what is your deal?  Please stop with the hurting all the time.  Dear Susannah, I’m so proud of how well you’re reading.  Especially since I’d forgotten how little sense the English language makes.  Like…where did “laugh” come from?  Really?  Dear Madeline,  it probably isn’t going to go well for you to tell a giant whopper of a lie and then tack on “just kidding y’all” to the end.  Good try, though.  Dear Target, now I remember why I don’t visit you very often.  Because I want to buy the whole store when I do.  Dear Target, thank you for your dollar section.  Adore.  Dear Heather, what shall we have for Thanksgiving this year?   Dear husband, you rock.  Just because.  (P.S. We’re having beans and rice tonight.  Sorry.)