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Today we tried something new – making potato stamps.

I tried two different methods and both worked pretty well.
On one half of the potato I pushed a cookie cutter in as far as it would go, then cut around the edge of the potato with a knife until the entire slice (minus the middle shape) popped off.
For the second half, I drew a design then carefully cut around the design, inserting the knife straight down into the potato several inches. Then I just cut around the potato like I did the first half, being careful not to cut too far in towards the design. Again, the entire slice popped off, leaving the design raised in the center.

Both of these methods were really simple.
The girls had a lot of fun stamping with their potatoes.
We tried ink pads, but had more success with acrylic paint.

Cut this one with the cookie cutter

Cut this one myself….probably needed to be a deeper cut, but it worked okay.

Thing 1

Thing 2

And here are the masterpieces

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