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Yes, finally, after three years of trying and miserably failing, I took my kids to a pumpkin patch.

Yes, we had to drive over an hour to get there.
And yes, it was insanely crowded.

And no, it was nothing like I remember from my childhood school trips.
The pumpkins didn’t actually grow at this patch.
It was more of a DIY kind of thing. ;)

But it was fun!
There were hay rides, mazes, bounce houses, tons of fun photo opportunities, and of course, loads of pumpkins!

The patch scored major points when one of the first things my girls saw were…..

Fancy meeting you here!

They seriously love their Strawberry Shortcake friends.

No, Mad, you can’t take her with you…

On the hay ride:

“I like her bangs” ~ Pedro

After leaping like a wild animal off the top of the hay stack

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