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I hadn’t done the old wax paper and crayon shaving thing in a long time and thought it would be fun to try with the girls.
What was I thinking?
I tried to convince myself to let them help with the iron, but decided it wasn’t worth the risk.
They couldn’t figure out how to use the sharpener to make the crayon shavings.
And they also couldn’t cut out the shapes.
Total fail.

So…I did the whole thing myself, while they watched and grumbled.
It was a hectic day already, so I ended up only cutting out two lonely little leaves.
Susannah and I were on our way out the door for our hot date so that was as good as it got today.

Hopefully I’ll get the rest of them cut out and hung by a window tomorrow so they’ll be as pretty as I imagined them being when I started.

Yeah, I’ll add that to the list that also has “make more play dough” noted.

So this is pretty simplistic.
Use a pencil/crayon sharpener to collect crayon shavings in the colors you want your leaves.
Spread them on a piece of wax paper.
Top with another sheet of wax paper.
Place a towel on your ironing board, then the wax paper sandwich, then a paper towel on top.
With your iron set on low, melt the crayon shavings until liquified.
When cooled, place template under wax paper (you should be able to see through the colors) and cut out. Or just freehand.

This would be a better project for older kids.
Not so much for the 3-5 age range.
Anyway, I’m beat and headed to bed.
Hopefully we’ll have better luck on the project front tomorrow.
Night, all.

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