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Of all the projects we’ve completed this month, today’s was one of my very favorites.
It’s awesome for two reasons:

1) It uses up all of the broken crayons that I find all over my house. They “mysteriously” get left out of the crayon bag every time. My girls aren’t fans of anything that isn’t pretty or perfect.

2) Hello! Rainbow colors!

So, this is simple.
Cut up the crayon bits into small-ish pieces.
Place in your preferred baking trays. (We used a silicone flower pan. I think the silicone makes it easier to break them out after they’ve dried, because they’re flexible. But whatever.)
Bake on 250 for about 15 minutes or until melted.
Let cool, the pop your new rainbow crayons out and unleash the artist.

I seriously could sit down and color right now. Where’s my Beauty and the Beast coloring book when I need it? ;)

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